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Kralice Gr


I need your help about this pattern.

It says I need the following needles: size 5,7,9,11,12,13 and the gauge is 8 stitches per 1" on 11. I assume size 11 here is not 8 mm, simply because, as far as I know it is not possible to get 8 st per 1" with size 8mm.

Then I have a question about how much yarn I need. I searched for the yardage by skein of this yarn, but I did not find it.

Also I do not understand if the skirt is knitted from the waist down or the opposite. Maybe this would be clear if I was sure about the sizes of the needles...

Thank you!

Vintage Visage

Hi there-the yarn is 2 ply which is very fine.the needles sizes are vintage uk numbers and are equivalent to modern sizes 5.5mm (5), 4.5mm (7), 3.75mm (9), 3mm (11), 2.75mm (12) and 2.25mm (13). The skirt is knitted from the bottom up to give a flared effect. Please email us on if you need any further info.


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